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The Journey to Pain Relief is a book that is helpful to both patients and therapists. It explains pain and provides treatment options such as electrotherapy and dry needling for nociceptive, neurogenic and or neuropathic pain. There are chapters that also include coping skills, pacing and exercises that improve pain management.



Stimpod is a new generation of electrical treatment for both neuropathic pain and neuropraxia. This treatment is non-interventional and can be used for severe, even neuropathic pain from different aetiologies and for improving partial paralysis such as Bell's palsy, among others. This book explains the mechanisms, uses and treatment regimen of this current.

Complex regional pain syndrome presents a conundrum in that it is considered one of the most difficult conditions to treat. This book provides insights into treatment modalities that have often contributed to improvement and or a complete shift in this condition.

Acupuncture for physiotherapists is a book that enables physiotherapists to understand the physiology, mechanisms and application of dry needling techniques involved in treatment within their own discipline. COMING SOON!

Article written 2007.


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