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A trial of a redeveloped direct current device as the sole treatment was given on patients with many types of pain.

Six treatments were given to each patient.

This patient had severe chronic pain in her right lumbar spine and hip. The area of most pain was in the bursa situated over the greater trochanter region. This condition caused pain at night, difficulty with walking and in movements of the lumbar spine.

After 6 treatments of 16 minutes each of the direct current this patient had great relief in the previous areas of her pain and was able to walk with ease and her general mobility improved.

This patient has symptoms of osteoarthritis of the left knee with pain, stiffness in flexion and extension, pain at night and swelling over the patella-femoral joint.

Six treatments were given of 16 minutes each, resulting in reduced pain, stiffness and swelling. The patient was able to walk more easily and manage stair climbing.

This patient has previously suffered chronic pain in her lumbar, thoracic and cervical spine. Most of the pain emanated from the thoracolumbar region and movements of lumbar spine flexion and lateral flexion were limited.

Six treatments were given of 16 minutes each. The patient responded well with decreased pain, improved mobility and she was highly satisfied with the treatment as it did not cause any post treatment soreness and the treatment was of short duration, which made it convenient for her.

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